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Academic Standing.

  • The male child should be between 9 and 13 while female child between 9 and 16.
  • The child should have been involved in Hifdh before (last three juzus)
  • They will write suratul Faatiha off hand
  • They will be tested on little Arabic speaking
  • They will say their experience about Qur’an memorization
  • They will say their experience in their former Arabic school
  • Charisma
  • How loud is the candidate

The qualified candidate will be admitted after passing the screening exercise.


I. Orientation
Each parent will be given the report of their child after 3 months of the start of the program. The first three months is a probation period. Thereafter the parent will be informed if the child can memorize the Qur’an within the stipulated 3 years. Some students will be advised to be on remedial before joining the program proper.

II. Feedback
In order to assist in the effectiveness and good delivery of the service, there will be feedback between the parent and the school

Contact the Admissions Office
  • +234-818-601-8804, +234-818-654-3739
  • 18, Mariamo close off Ikotun-Ijegun road Ikotun, Lagos Nigeria